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The Cast of Deceit (≤2010-01-03)

Depicted are Roger the cat, Cyborg Vincent (x2), Samuel, Katrina the Ravil, Decepticus, the Meta-Kobold, a Kobold doll, and a r0ms doll. Below those are a codec conversation between Decepticus and Samuel, as well as an angular version of the logo carved into the Meta-Kobold's chest, the alien-looking "Glassbolds", a spirit orb, and a few variations of styles for drawing the Meta-Kobold.

I was originally planning for The Blasphemous Weed arc to be a quest on TGchan, and thus the Meta-Kobold logo is a cryptic rendering of "/tg/". This symbol would have (in-universe) allowed the Meta-Kobold to hear the players and interpret or relay their suggestions.

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